2 Easy Tips For Quickly Selling A House Located In A Bad Neighborhood!

People looking for tips on how to sell a home in a bad neighborhood often come across articles written by agents claiming they can sell any property in any location. The reality is that many people simply don’t buy houses in neighborhoods with increases in crime or that have become run down. But if you’ve got a property in this type of neighborhood and are looking to sell the property, what options do you have?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to sell your house in a bad neighborhood quickly and without worrying about the stress involved in dealing with real estate agents.

Tips For Selling a Home in a Bad Neighborhood

Find out what prices comparable homes are selling for. The first tip for selling any home involves doing research into the housing market in your area. However, many people encounter a hurdle in this area.  Real estate agents prefer not to disclose this information without having a person being a signed client of theirs. However, there are other ways of getting public information on property sales.

  • Check with the local courthouse and public records searches. This often provides you information such as taxes paid in a neighborhood. Additionally, you learn about recent prices of homes sold in the area.
  • Ask people who have recently moved into the neighborhood. Often if you are honest and forthcoming, you can easily get a rough estimate of how much they paid for their property.
  • Talk to friends you might have in the housing market. Either in real estate or marketing and see if you can get a good idea from them.

Search for investors who buy homes “as is.” The second tip for selling a home in a bad or run-down neighborhood is to inquire about companies or investors who buy property as is and either rebuild the property or sell the land to developers. This is a great way to get a house sold quickly and without the hassles of dealing with real estate agents or the long-period of time that it traditionally takes to sell a home in today’s housing markets.

Real estate Investors like this offer

homeowners many advantages including:

  • Allowing them to sell their homes quickly and easily without having to pay expensive realtor fees or marketing their homes.
  • Not having to spend money on replacing carpet, appliances, roofs, or any other area of your home. Most buyers require these repairs before buying an older property.
  • A quick and easy sale providing you with cash for your house in a bad neighborhood. This eliminates the need to wait extended periods of time for closing and then paying additional closing costs as well.

Want one of the best tips on selling your home in any neighborhood? Look for non-traditional methods of selling a property quickly. This makes it easier on your family for moving into a better location fit for your family and your future. Here at House2Home Investing, most people consider our real estate home buying process as non-traditional. We can purchase homes with cash.

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3 Tips To Price Your House for a Quick Sale!

Some agents suggest you only get one chance to make a good first impression… To potential buyers! And this first impression is largely based on ensuring the price of your property is effective to ensure a quick sale. However, many private sellers tend to over-inflate the value of their house. The result is the property remains stagnant, unsold and they have to eventually reduce the price of the house.

To get the most value from your home sale, price it right from the start.

Here are a few easy tips for effectively pricing your house for a quick sale when you don’t want to employ a real estate agent.

1: Create a Comparative Market Analysis

When you meet with an agent, they often tell you that the first key to selling any home is to ensure it is priced properly.

The best tool at the real estate agents disposal is creating a comparative market analysis. And believe it or not, it’s rather easy for an individual to create. While agents have access to the multiple listing service (MLS), sellers can use free tools (such as Zillow) to estimate this information.

The first step is to gather the sale prices of homes in your neighborhood that are of similar age, similar square footage, similar bedrooms and landscaping features.

If you can, find out how much these houses sold for, and how long it took the house to sell. It’s also important to compare those listings with ones that didn’t sell to see if they were priced too high from the start. You’ll most likely have to pay a healthy fee to local government offices or the MLS to access this information, but you can do it yourself.

2: Contact an Appraisal Company

Another easy way to consider the value of your home and thus effectively set pricing for your house in order to ensure a quick sale is to have an appraisal company inspect your property.

They will often use the same techniques that real estate agents use to gather information about previous home sales in your area. They also use their vast experience in appraising local properties value to come up with a solid value price. This however is not a price that you should sell your property. It just ensures that your property is worth what you are asking based on the information above. Hiring an appraisal company can often cost between $500-$1000 for the inspection. And it will give you a good baseline to effectively price your property for a quick sale.

3: Work with a Real Estate Investor

If you’ve read the above two options for pricing your home and think to yourself, “that’s a lot of work and money to spend” you might consider working with a company that buys properties as is and pays fair market value for the property. Believe it or not, there are a few reliable and trustworthy companies who will purchase homes and provide their owners with a quick and market-value sell of their property without collecting huge percentages of their profits that are often associated with real estate companies. This reduces your stress, ensures you receive true market value for your home and gives you the cash quickly to use for down payments or other important needs.

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4 Good Reasons Why Selling To An Investor Could Be A Much Better Option For You And Why You Need To Consider It!

If you are thinking of selling your home, you are probably thinking of doing it the old fashioned way, but have you ever considered doing it through a real estate investor such as House2Home Investing? There are many benefits to selling your home through an investor. Read below to learn more!

Get Your Money Right Away

The way an investor works, such as House2Home Investing, differs from a traditional realtor when it comes to selling your home is that investors tend to buy your property with cash. A lot of times when it comes to closing, investors can close quickly so you get your money right away. Realtors tend to get a 6% commission on average and investors don’t ask for any kind of commission.

Avoid Headaches of Traditional Sale

Selling with an investor can prevent you from going through the many headaches that come from selling your house the traditional way. After an inspection is done on your home, many realtors expect the seller to take care of the repairs. Many expect the repairs to be done as quickly as possible so the home can be ready for showings. When selling through an investor, the home doesn’t even need to be cleaned up. One can sell their home as-is. There is no need to put money into a home that you’re trying to get rid of, right?

Some investors can connect sellers with moving service based companies such as movers and cleaning companies, that charge a cheaper price than how much it would be for them to find those services on their own. This also allows investors to take something off the seller’s plate and relieve the stress that all brings.

Simplify Your Role in the Process

Aside from selling their home, many sellers are playing both roles and are buyers looking for a new home to move into. This can bring a great amount of stress, especially when the house has been sitting on the market for a while. It’s near to impossible to make plans to buy a new house when there is no clear date of when the old home is going to sell. Getting an approved buyer takes twice as long in the current market. With an investor, an exact date is given regarding when the home will be closed on.

Selling with an investor keeps sellers from having to pay contributions towards the buyer’s closing costs. It’s usually an all-inclusive deal and the investment company takes care of all the closing costs and title work expenses.

More Focus on You as a Client

It’s a buyer’s market, so realtors have more than a dozen clients a day to juggle. Investors such as House2Home Investing have dedicated staff that each work on a file and are able to give their seller their full and undivided attention.

As one can see, there are many reasons why selling with an investor is better.  If you are looking to sell your home quickly, give House2Home Investing a call and once we’ve walked through your property, we will have a cash offer for you immediately!


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The 6 Hurdles You'll Need To Overcome When You Need to Sell Your House In Western New York Fast!

Want to sell a home? It may not be as simple as you think. Some people imagine that it’s as simple as contacting a real estate agent, slapping the listing online and waiting for the money to roll in.

But if you’re selling your home the “traditional” way, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Market

You always want to start the home-selling process by evaluating your market. This sounds fancy and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as jumping on your local real estate website. Then, run a search for homes.

If there is a glut of listings, then selling your home will be a headache. Buyers are spoiled for choice and could be pickier or offer less money. They’ll negotiate harder for homes that they want because there are always more homes.

If there are only a few homes on the market, then you’re in good shape. You’re in a seller’s market, and buyers may have to fight with each other for the privilege of buying your home.

Preparing the Home for Sale

Preparing your home for sale is about more than planting some flowers in the front yard and slapping on a fresh coat of paint, this can include the removal of all personal items, the hardcore elimination of any and all smells, and some advice to “turn your bathroom into a spa.”

All of these suggestions assume the house is more or less in good repair. If this isn’t true, you may have to sink money into major repairs.

Keeping the Home Ready for Sale

This is a challenge if you are actually living in the home. You have to live without most personal items, and keep the home spotless, impersonal, smell-free and magazine ready.

Buyers with Unrealistic Expectations

In the back of their mind, buyers expect even older, used homes built in the 50s and 60s to look and feel brand new. Few will want to pay your asking price. These attitudes can become a frustrating hassle, especially when you’re trying to sell a home that you’ve loved and made so many memories over the years.

Contingencies, Inspections, Negotiations and Other Delays

Once the offer is made and accepted, you may enter a quagmire. First, the offer will come with contingencies which must be cleared before the sale can proceed. The most common is “contingent upon the home passing inspection.”

If you haven’t had a pre-inspection you might be in for some nasty surprises as you learn that your electrical system is out of date, there are problems with the foundation or the roof is sagging.

Problems with the home can spur a new round of negotiations involving home price, closing costs, who repairs what, and more. These negotiations can be frustrating and may delay the sale of the home.

Mortgage Companies

You’ve navigated all the hurdles and have a closing date. But it’s not time to breathe a sigh of relief yet. Your deal can still fall apart at closing. The mortgage company may choose to deny funding at the last minute, either because they don’t like the results of your home appraisal or because they’ve discovered something about your buyer that makes them nervous.

Either way, the bank has the power to put the entire deal back at square one. Which means it can take a long time to sell your house even if you have the most desirable home in the world.

A Better Way

Believe it or not, you can avoid every single one of these headaches. You just have to think outside the box a little bit and work with a reputable real estate investor.

When you work with House2Home Investing you don’t have to do a thing to prep your home. Call us, and we’ll make an offer within 24 hours. It’s a cash offer, so if you want to proceed you can just sign it. We can close whenever you want, even if you want to close extremely quick. And while you won’t get top dollar for your home, you’ll avoid the expenses, headaches, and hassle of attempting to sell it on your own, or through a realtor. Let us help take the stress off of you!

If you want to sell your home the fast and easy way, call us today.

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Can I Sell My House If I Still Owe Money On It?

Can I sell my house if I owe money on it? We often hear from homeowners who owe money on their mortgages or property taxes. We also hear from homeowners with a lien on their home, often through no fault of their own. This is a very stressful situation, especially if other circumstances require the homeowner to sell the home in a timely fashion.

These homeowners need to sell, but are afraid these debts are going to keep them from doing so. Fortunately, we’ve been able to help many people who are in all three situations.

Here are some of the most common scenarios and how to handle each one.

Sell A House With a Mortgage

Don’t panic. People sell homes with mortgages all the time.

If you have a mortgage, you can still sell your home the traditional way. However, if you sell your home for less than the amount you owe you may end up writing a check to cover the difference, since listing a house can be costly. Repairs, staying on the market, and paying realtor fees all cost money. It’s important to study the current real estate market so you can get a realistic picture of what to expect.

Most people sell their homes for enough money to pay off the mortgage. Many can also cover a new down payment on a new home.

Selling A House When Facing Foreclosure

However, things can get more complex when you are in danger of foreclosure.

There are two reasons people go into foreclosure.

One reason is they can’t pay their mortgages. The other reason is they can’t pay their property taxes.

At this point, selling your home becomes very tricky because you’re essentially in a race against time. And if you’re upside down in your mortgage you may find yourself having to turn to the bank to ask for a short sale.

Banks are unlikely to agree fast enough unless it’s a cash sale. When a short sale is financed, two different banks must coordinate and approve the transaction. They may not make up their mind to do so before your deadline runs out.

If you find yourself in this situation, a cash offer from a reputable investor like House2Home Investing can be very helpful. We can typically get the entire sale finished within ten to thirty days.

Do You Have a Lien On Your House?

You cannot sell your home on the open market with a lien on it.

That’s the definition of a lien. Before you can list your house on the MLS service and get a realtor, you’d have to pay off the lien.

If you don’t have the money to do that then you’ll need to look for another solution.

Again, we work with this situation quite often. We factor the cost of clearing the lien into our offer and then work with the lien holder to get the title clean once more. From there, you’ll have the legal right to sell the home to us.

However, you also will no longer be responsible for whatever debt caused the lien to be applied in the first place. Since that lien could have been applied through no fault of your own (i.e. if a contractor of yours failed to pay his subcontractors and left you holding the bag) this can come as a massive relief.

Can You Sell Your House When You Owe The IRS

If you know an IRS lien is coming then you might want to sell your home fast.

An IRS lien shows up on your credit report. Though the IRS cannot force the sale of your home, their liens can have a greater impact on your life than your average roofer lien.

Selling your house isn’t the only option, of course. You can set up an installment plan if you can’t pay the amount in full. As long as you are faithful to the installment plan, the IRS will typically leave you alone and may even withdraw the lien.

However, if you don’t feel you can do that selling the property quickly may be your best option. You’ll pay off the IRS and get a fresh start, one which may allow you to adjust your expenses so that you don’t end up in trouble with the IRS again.

The Flow Of Money In a Real Estate Closing

Remember, money flows to the people you owe before it flows to you.

One of the things a title company does at closing is to issue funds to all of the stakeholders. So, let’s say we bought a $190,000 house with a $90,000 mortgage on it. The title company would wire $90,000 directly to the mortgage company. They’d then wire the remainder to you, minus closing costs and other fees which might be associated with the sale.

In the case of a lien we have to work with you to get the lien cleared first before the sale can proceed. We will factor this into our offer when we give it to you. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about the process at that time.

We’re Here To Help

If you are uncertain about what you need to do in order to sell your home or if you feel like you are facing obstacles to your sale then give us a call. We routinely answer seller questions. We do not require you to sell your house to us just to perform this basic courtesy on your behalf. We’re here to help regardless.


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Different Methods for Selling Your House Quickly in WNY

If you need to sell a house yourself fast in WNY, you might be wondering what different methods are available to you. Here are several different ways to sell your house quickly.

Find an agent to work with you

The first step if you want to sell a house quickly is to research agents who might specialize in quick sales. This will depend on what condition your house is in – some agents will not want to sell a house that needs repairs or is behind on payments. However, an agent will best know the real estate market and be able to find a buyer for you.

Price the House for a Quick Sale

Another way to sell a house quickly is to make sure that it is priced right. The first way to start is by doing some market research. Check out Zillow.com, Trulia and other listing websites and see what the houses are worth in your area. Pay special attention to the houses that sold quickly. What were the houses worth and what did they sell for? Look for houses that are similar to yours.

Remember that the house is not always worth what you paid for it. Because of the unpredictable market, some people find themselves in situations where their house is no longer worth what they paid for it. Remember to take into account any market changes, for the better or worse. Your house is not always worth what you think it is.

Additionally, if you are unable to repair or update your house, adjust the price according to the estimated repair values.

List the House Yourself

There are many tools online if you are interested in selling the house yourself. ForSaleByOwner.com is a fantastic resource for people who want to sell their house themselves. When you list your house, make sure to take good pictures of the property. Often, it pays to clean the house stage it, and even to take professional photos. You would be amazed at the difference good pictures can make!

Sell the House to a Quick Sale Company

There are companies out there that will buy houses as-is at a discount. Some companies, such as House2Home Investing will clean the house out, clear title issues and find a buyer at no out-of-pocket cost to the home seller. If you need to sell a house quickly, selling to a quick sale company can be the most hands-off method.


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Different Ways to Find a Buyer for Your House

So, you have made the decision to sell your home. Now the question is, “how am I going to find a buyer? What is going to make my home sell fast?” One thing you as a seller must consider is that every buyer has specific needs, wants, and tastes. You must market your home in a way that isn’t too specific to a certain taste; you have to allow the potential buyer to picture what they would do with the property. The other question is: How do I make the greatest impression on a buyer, especially in this competitive market? Well, we have the answers. Keep reading below to see our tips on how to find a buyer for your house, and better yet, the best buyer.

Get Your Home Walk-Through Ready

One of the first things you need to do is get your home walk-through ready. This means deep cleaning your home, getting rid of clutter and making as much room as possible for potential buyers to be able to walk through without feeling claustrophobic. As mentioned before, buyers need to be able to picture what they would do with a home. We’re not saying to get rid of everything and leave all the rooms empty. Leave just enough for every room to be able to show its functions. This all applies to the front of your home also. Curb appeal is one of THE MOST important things when it comes to selling your home. Doesn’t matter of the inside of your home is perfectly staged and turn key ready, if the outside of your home has no curb appeal, it ruins the tone for the rest of the showing. Make sure to keep your front lawn mowed, free of clutter, clean and open.

Take Pictures and Videos of Your Home

After you have made your home look as “sellable” as possible make sure to take as many pictures and videos as you can. If you have the cash to spare, hire a professional photographer that can make every room look it’s best. Highlight your home’s best assets and uniqueness. Look at home repair/maintenance magazines to get ideas. You want interested buyers to look at pictures of your home and say, “Ooh! I want to live there!” Making a “walk-through” video of your home is a smart way of allowing potential buyers to get an idea of what it would be to walk through the house. Having good quality pictures and videos that show the best parts of your home can spark the curiosity and increase the interest of buyers and even get them to book an appointment to see your house!

Market Your Home

One of the easiest and more importantly free and cheap ways to market your home for sale is by promoting it on social media. Facebook is the perfect social media platform for this. You can make a status announcing your home for sale. Include an address and ask your friends to share it if they know of anyone looking for a home. You could create a photo album with all the great pictures you have of your home and ask your friends to share that as well. If you are looking at having a scheduled showing of your home you could create an event for an open house and invite anyone and everyone and make it public so friends of friends can see it also. Other social media outlets you can use are Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest. Almost everyone nowadays has some sort of social media profile. There is a big chance you could find your home’s perfect buyer that way.

Price Your Home Aggressively

Setting the right price for your home is the most important decision you will make when you decide to sell. Pricing is the number one thing that buyers are going to think about when finally making their decision on whether to buy or not. If you go too high, you risk turning off buyers, if you go too low and you leave money on the table. The best way to price your home accordingly is to spend the day looking at other homes in your area. Go on a walkthrough of a similar house (or two or three) that’s for sale in your neighborhood.  By doing this, you will be seeing the process through potential buyers’ eyes. Ask yourself this question: Compared to the competition, what would be a price that would position my home as the best value proposition for buyers in this marketplace? For the right price you will get the right buyer.

Finding a buyer is no easy task. Finding the right buyer is even more difficult, but it can be done. Just make sure to look at the whole process through the buyer’s eyes. Make decisions according to what will benefit both the seller and the buyer. If you do all the things we suggested, you will attract the perfect buyer for your house!


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Help I'm In Debt Is It A Good Idea To Sell My House to Get Out of Debt?

In a financial bind, some people sell their house to get out of debt. Whether your own a second home, plan to sell your house and rent instead, or are considering downsizing, making the decision to sell your house to pay off debts may not be easy. But, neither is struggling with high interest rates and steadily increasing debts.

When Can Selling a House to Pay Off Debts be a Smart Decision?

In some cases, selling a house to get out of debt can be the best decision for your situation. For instance, if:

  1. You can’t afford your mortgage payments and refinancing is not an option. You may be behind on payments and facing foreclosure, or the payments are so high that you would save money each month by renting.
  2. You need to pay off debts and could easily downsize. Buying a smaller, more affordable home makes more sense for your current situation.
  3. You own or inherited a second home. You’re deeply in debt and need immediate relief. You don’t want to deal with tenants, so selling the second home is an easy, smart decision.
  4. You are behind on property taxes and HOA fees, or they are simply too high. With your debts continuing to grow, you’re unable to get ahead. You could lose your property.
  5. You’re living paycheck to paycheck and your income is less than what you owe each month. Paying off debts with high interest rates would increase your cash flow, enabling you to save money while renting. Once your finances improve, you could consider buying another home.
  6. You’re in a financial bind and have no other alternative. You need to sell the house fast, pay off some debts, and improve your financial situation.

I’m Behind on Payments. Can I Sell My House to Avoid Foreclosure?

Yes, you can. Your time to sell is limited, but you do have options.  If your home hasn’t reached foreclosure yet, you can try selling it for enough cash pay off what is owed, including late fees and other penalties in addition to what you still owe the lender.

I Need to Sell My House to Get Out of Debt, But It Needs Repairs I Can’t Afford

Let House2Home Investing help.

  • We can make a cash offer on your house “As-Is”, without you spending any money for repairs.
  • Need a cash advance to pay for moving or other expenses? Tell us.
  • Don’t worry about cleaning or hauling away junk. We take care of it for you.
  • Selling a house with a lien? We have experts who work to quickly resolve such issues.
  • Our experts work to ensure a free title with no obstacles to a quick sell.

How Fast Can I Sell My House?

If you want to sell your house as fast as possible for cash, you could get an offer within 24 hours, close as quickly as a few days and receive payment the same day. If the house has a lien, title issues or other issues, the process could take a little longer.

We work on a case-by-case basis, so how fast you can sell your house will depend on your situation (liens, title issues, etc.). However, even when we must overcome obstacles, in most cases clients sell their houses a lot faster than they could on the open market. We can provide more information after you contact us.

I’m Ready to Sell. What Do I Need to Do?

Contact us and tell us about your situation. Once you do, we will start working to help you find the best solution for your situation. We make selling a home fast, easy, and worry-free.

Contact us for a free, no-risk quote within 24 hours.

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How to Get Rid of A House That Won't Sell Fast In WNY And Still Get A Fair price!

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of listing a house without getting any offers, you might be wondering how to get rid of a house that won’t sell.

Have a house that sat on the market without piquing the interest of buyers? Then you’ve probably already spent time, money, and energy to try to sell the house. You’ve done some research, found a real estate agent. You might have even let the listing expire only to relist it again or decrease the price.

Selling a house is stressful enough without the delay of a house that won’t sell. Fortunately, sellers facing this stressful situation have several alternative options to consider.

My House Isn’t Selling – What Can I Do?

If your house is having trouble selling on the open market, there are several things you can do. Deciding what action to take depends on your goals and your reason for selling in the first place. Below are some considerations in choosing a strategy on how to get rid of a house that won’t sell.

Upsizing Or Downsizing

If you’re selling your house to upsize or downsize, consider waiting to sell the house. It’s possible that the house isn’t selling because of market conditions, which tend to change over time. If there is no urgency to move, consider waiting.


If your need for relocating is more urgent and the house won’t sell, try renting it out. Even if you can’t rent out the house high enough to cover the entire mortgage and escrow, it still beats paying two mortgages (or a mortgage and rental rate).

Keep in mind that maintaining a rental property takes time and work. Renting out a house turns the seller into a landlord responsible for maintaining the house, keeping it tenant-occupied, and collecting rent.

If you want quick cash for an as is house, consider selling to a home buyer. Selling the house as is not only prevents sellers from having to make repairs, but also expedites the sales process since the home buyer buys the house for cash, rather than having an agent list the house, market it, and then find the right buyer. Most buyers looking on the multiple listing service (MLS) are looking for houses that are move-in ready. Houses sold as is aren’t considered move-in ready since they need repairs. This is why a home buyer makes the perfect option for sellers in this situation.


If you’re selling the house for a financial reason, the above options may not be ideal. You might not be able to pay for the mortgage or needed repairs. Or perhaps you need fast cash for an unexpected expense and have other living accommodations that are more affordable than your house.

If you can’t afford the house or expensive repairs, you might consider taking out a new mortgage or refinancing your house. Before considering these options, speak with a trusted financial adviser who can walk you through the benefits and challenges of each option.

Another option for sellers in a financial bind or who want to sell quickly is to sell the house as is to a real estate investor. Selling a home as-is is a great, popular option for how to get rid of a house that won’t sell.

How To Get Rid Of a House That Won’t Sell: The Option Of Selling As Is

Selling a house “as is” refers to houses listed for sale that require repairs or updates. While these houses sell below full market value (because they aren’t up to par with market standards), sellers benefit from a quicker, easier sale than listing the house on the open market with a real estate agent.

Sell House As Is For Cash

If you want quick cash for an as is house, consider selling to a real estate investor. Selling the house as is not only prevents sellers from having to make repairs, but also expedites the sales process since the home buyer buys the house for cash, rather than having an agent list the house, market it, and then find the right buyer. Most buyers looking on the multiple listing service (MLS) are looking for houses that are move-in ready. Houses sold as is aren’t considered move-in ready since they need repairs. This is why a home buyer makes the perfect option for sellers in this situation.

I Want to Sell My House Now

If you want to sell your house now, the best way to start is researching real estate investors in your area.

Make sure you work with a local investor that understands your market (rather than a company offering to buy your house sight unseen).

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Is It Really Possible to Receive A Cash Offer for My House In WNY And Get A Fair Price ?

Are you wondering “how to get cash for my house and get a fair price”? If you need cash for your house, you are probably in a unique situation. You might have inherited a house or have a house in disrepair. Maybe you just need to move as quickly as possible and do not want to fix up the house to sell it through traditional methods.

If you need cash for your house, there are several steps you can take and several things you might want to know about the process.

3 Steps to Get Cash for Your House:

  1. Contact a real estate agent – in some cases, there are real estate agents who specialize in selling properties in disrepair. Keep in mind that this may not be the best option since there are usually additional fees associated with selling traditionally.
  2. Contact a real estate investor – look for a reputable real estate investor in your area. An internet search will reveal your local options (consider typing your city or town in along with your inquiry). 
  3. You can also attempt to sell the house yourself otherwise known as for sale by owner “FSBO”.

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Cash for a House:

  1. When focusing on getting a cash offer for the house, remember that cash deals are often done at a discount – if you need to sell quickly for cash, it will be difficult to get a full price offer in most areas.
  2. When you sell to an investor, be aware that they pay a discounted price for the house and will not be able to provide a full price offer. The benefit to this is that they purchase houses as-is, and often can close much more quickly than a traditional sale, often in less than a month. Investors simplify the selling process and will find a buyer quickly for the house. There are also no hidden fees or agent commissions, so in cases where houses cannot be sold for full price, selling to an investor is often the best method.
  3. Depending on where the house is located it can be much easier to get full price for a cash offer on your house! Especially when inventory is low and demand is high, so buyers are anxious and move quickly.  It isn’t uncommon to receive several offers on one house in a short amount of time, increasing your potential for a cash offer if you live in a desirable neighborhood.

As you can see, it is possible to obtain a cash for your house, but it will often involve a unique set of circumstances. If you need cash for your house and need to sell quickly, contact us for a no obligation assessment and cash offer on your home!

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I'm Getting Divorced and My House is Underwater

If you are getting a divorce and own a house that is not worth what you owe on it, it could be difficult to come to an agreement. Even in an amicable separation, compromising will take patience and clear communication. We have some tips regarding how to sell a house during divorce.

Before considering the options below, both parties should create budgets and know what is feasible and also what their short-term and long-term goals are. Having this information will (hopefully) help you both to come to a decision regarding your options. Here are a few possible solutions regarding houses worth less than is owed on them in a divorce.

One Spouse Keeps the House

One option is that one spouse will keep the house, subject to the negative equity, with the understanding that there shall be some offset and consideration given in trading this negative asset for other property. The housing market is subject to change. If one person can afford to remain in the house, it is possible to rebuild equity.

Walk Away From House

A second option is when the encumbrance is too large and the payments are overly burdensome, some couples will just agree to walk away from the home.  In some cases, one party will stay in the house, without making any payments on the mortgage, until the home is actually foreclosed upon and then there is a sheriff’s sale, which can take many, many months.

Short Sale or Sell to Investor

A third option is to try to sell the home and work out a short sale with the bank or sell the house to an investor. This can happen in some situations, but bear in mind that if it is not handled properly, it can negatively impact your credit.

Even in situations where there is equity in the home, do not become overly enamored with your property.  Sometimes it makes sense to try to sell the house.  Every divorce should be handled on a case-by-case basis, bearing in mind that your situation is not the same as your friend or neighbor’s. Even if you can afford the house, if it is going to take too much of your income to keep the house, it may be better to sell it.

If you have questions about selling to an investor, or about purchasing an unwanted property, contact us for more information.

If you need help getting information ready in order to decide what to do with your house in a divorce, call us for more information.

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Need Sell To sell Your WNY House Fast? - 4 Quick & Easy Tips!

If you have decided to sell your WNY home and you want to know how to sell it fast, House2Home Investing has years of experience buying houses quickly there are so many tips we could offer but here are just 4 quick tips for things you could do to attract more buyers and get you to the closing date as fast as possible.

1. Transfer Warranty Deed

The first thing you could do to speed up the sale of your home is offer your buyers a transferable warranty. Transferring a warranty to the new owner guarantees them that the property is free of any claims, such as liens or ownership interests, made by creditors and others. This could definitely make the whole transaction more appealing to potential buyers and give them some extra confidence and peace of mind regarding purchasing your house.

2. Money Off Closing Costs

You could also offer $1,000 off closing costs and make them feel they are getting a deal. You could tell buyers you can close quickly and that you have gotten all your ducks in order. If buyers can see that you are determined to sell quickly, it might motivate them to buy quickly as well since they can see that you are taking this transaction seriously.

3. Make House Move-In Ready

Making your house move in ready is probably one of the most common things you hear and read about when you research selling your house fast and that’s because it’s truly important. Buyers are more impressed and more likely to buy if they see that you’ve taken care of your home. There are four major things that can make or break your sale and that’s foundation, roof, electric and HVAC. If those four are taken care of before selling, you will attract some serious buyers.

Aside from major repairs such as roof and foundation, it’s important to make sure the house is tidy so buyers can see themselves living there. This means deep cleaning, getting rid of clutter and even doing some light painting and repairs. Potential buyers need to be able to see what they would do with the place if they decide to purchase the home.

The front of your home is very important as well. Maybe even a little more important than the inside of your home. Have you ever heard of the “8 Second Rule”? Buyers make a decision within 8 seconds of walking towards your property so make sure your home’s curb appeal is good! In other words, first impressions matter! Make sure your front lawn is mowed and taken care of. No kids’ toys all over the place and get rid of any eyesores that may create a bad first impression such as a broken window frame. If all these things are taken care of, potential buyers can have the security that they won’t have much to deal with once they move in thus making an offer right away!

4. Be Proactive

Be proactive about the usual hold-ups such as appraisals and inspections. Getting your house appraised and getting an inspection (and fixing what’s wrong with the home) are things you can do to show buyers you are serious about selling fast and will save you time and headaches along the way.

If you are serious about selling your home, do some or all of the things we have stated! We assure you doing all the things will help you close on your house sooner than you expected.

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Reasons Why Not Listing with a Real Estate Agent Could Be the Right Choice

If you strive to sell your WNY home, there are many ways to accomplish this in record time. Some of these methods don’t include the traditional hiring of a real estate agent. Contrary to popular belief, there is no law in the State of New York that requires you to retain the services of a real estate agent or realtor in order to sell your property. In fact, hiring real estate agents tend to result in loss of revenue and longer, drawn out sales. And when you need to sell your WNY home quickly, there are other potential pitfalls of relying on real estate agents.

Four benefits of NOT hiring a Real Estate Agent include:

  1. You save money: When you don’t hire a Real Estate Agent you will save between 3-10% of the profits of the sale of your home. This might not sound like much, but it could be the difference between buying a new car, putting money down on a new home or paying a year or two of college for your children.
  2. Less time and your money spent in repairing your property before the sale: Real Estate Agents across the board are highly picky about the condition of your property. It is their belief that when your property is showing signs of old age, wear and tear; that you need to spend thousands of dollars on repairs to make sure the property is attractive to all potential home buyers. That’s simply not true when you sell your property to non-traditional buyers though.
  3. Your ability to sell quickly improves: When you don’t hire real estate agents, you can actually sell your property much quicker than if you rely on selling to a particular demographic and through traditional measures. Believe it or not, there are several companies who buy properties as is for top retail value of properties in your area. So why worry about extended selling time when you can sell quickly though this type of process?
  4. There is less negotiating and hassle: Again, the goal of any real estate agent is to ensure your home sells for the maximum amount. Why is this? Simple – they receive a percentage of the total sale price – not a percentage of your profits. This is also why most of these real estate agents negotiate with multiple potential buyers; which extends the closing time period and usually does not net maximum profits for home sellers.

When you’re looking to sell your WNY home, there are many other non-traditional methods that result in quicker sales, better profits and reduced headaches for any property in virtually any condition. Never fall into the trap that you must hire a real estate agent; as there are many benefits as discussed above to selling your home quicker and with better results as you might believe.

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Selling Your Home - Don't Overlook These Details

When you’re selling your WNY home to a cash buyer – don’t overlook these details!

Let’s be honest, buying a home is a BIG decision.  Above all else, you want to feel happy and secure with your purchase, so there are a lot of things you have to consider. 

However, one thing that is often overlooked is what happens when it’s time to sell, especially if you sell for cash.  You have to ask yourself – do I want to sell my house within a certain time frame? Would I be selling this house in order to purchase a new house?  Should I put my own money towards repairs or upgrades for a house I won’t no longer live in?

Everyone has a different goal and the first step is deciding what yours is.

Time frames are often very important for sellers.

You want to sell your house fast. Well, what’s fast? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 30 days? An advantage of selling your house to a cash buyer is to have a quicker close.  A typical sale can be closed, meaning signed, sealed and funded anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.  This is simply because cash is king, cash is easier therefore cash is faster. Cash eliminates all possible obstacles that are often faced when cash is not available as a method of payment and instead traditional financing is needed.  Banks control traditional financing and so they require certain stipulations, there are rules and several other needs which must be met by BOTH buyer and seller before approval and frankly these types of requirements can delay the process of selling and could cause you to lose buyers along the way.

And that’s another thing to remember...

A buyer is just as important as a seller.

Remember back to when you first purchased a house?  If you weren’t interested, you’d move on to the next, right? What would be some of those reasons why you wouldn’t buy a house? Bad color schemes? Unsightly countertops? Holes in the ceiling? These things would typically scare off a potential buyer as they are looking for their next home and they may not want or know home or have the money to make such changes or could be worried that if there is one repair needed, then there must be more to follow.  For a cash buyer, these are merely tasks to be done.  Nothing scares cash buyers as it’s all a matter of time, money, and resources.  Cash buyers know what it takes to sell to a broader market, what is appealing or trending and how to sell a house quickly.

Now perhaps it is not your own house, but rather an inherited house.

What about inherited houses?

You already have your own home to maintain and upkeep and either do not need or want an extra house to maintain and upkeep.  Often times inherited house are older and require more repairs and/or upgrades because they have been owned and lived in for a long period of time.  Inherited houses also usually come with plenty of legal work that must be acquired, processed, etc., and once again cash buyers are familiar with these circumstances and can work out such issues on your behalf.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that only a desperate seller would sell their house for cash and at a discount, but none of the reasons described above are of a desperate seller, are they?  Just ask yourself, what is my end goal? Do your research, weigh the options and with that you can determine whether or not a cash buyer would best suit your needs.

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Why Do Real Estate Investors Make Cash Offers?

As real estate investors, we buy houses for cash.  Although it is part of our business to do so, to us buying your house is more than a real estate transaction. It is an opportunity to assist you in making the best possible decision during a potentially life-changing event.

Selling a house isn’t easy.

It’s a major financial transaction requiring proper documents, tax considerations, and potential legal roadblocks. Add a stressful personal situation to the mix—perhaps brought on by a death in the family, foreclosure, liens, or divorce—and the prospect of selling a house can be daunting.

At House2Home Investing, our goal is to make the sale of your house quick, simple and fair. Here’s how we make selling your house simple:

  • You can sell as is—no need for costly repairs
  • Quickly—often within a matter of days
  • At a fair price—we guarantee to offer you the fairest price possible
  • Even if it is already listed by a traditional realtor—if the need arises to speed up the transaction
  • With confidence—even if you decide not to sell with us, you’ll be armed with information regarding your options
  • For cash—since we buy houses for cash, you’ll have cash in hand at the close of the sale

What types of homes qualify?

Nearly all homes qualify, from beautiful new constructions to tear-downs, House2Home Investing offers selling options for houses in any condition. Whether you are a landlord with tenants on the brink of eviction, the owner of a house with major title issues, or a joint heir dealing with family discord—our experienced team has proven its competence in resolving even the most complicated issues, legal or otherwise, time and again.

What is the main advantage of a fast cash offer over traditional home sale methods?

When it comes to selling a house, no one size fits all. That’s why with a fast cash offer from House2Home Investing we can close in as little as 14 days (contingent upon a clear title) and you receive cash for your house. We purchase your home as-is, eliminating the need for repairs prior to the sale. We even take care of any unwanted contents you may want to leave behind and leave you to move on to the next chapter of your life hassle free!

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2 easy steps you can take today to Sell Your House Fast! In WNY

If you are the type of person who makes decisions quickly – ready fire aim – then you probably wouldn’t have any problem regarding how to sell your WNY house fast.

However, if you are the type who likes to know all their options and gather information in order to ensure the best decision is made then this is a typical starting point…how do I get started?

Step one is most important – decide what it is that YOU want first!

The first step is to decide what you want.

What are your needs and goals in selling your house? You need to move quickly? Strapped for cash? Extra house that you just don’t need?

It is crucial that you and whoever else is involved in the decision are clear on what it is that’s needed and wanted.

Real estate experts are great when it comes to real estate, but not so good at reading people’s minds and if you don’t know where you want to end then no one will know the best place for you to begin. 

Don’t forget to write down those needs and goals, because that way you can stay focused and avoid letting emotions get in the way … or worse, being manipulated by unscrupulous companies!

Step two – Call us!

The next step is to call us and let us know what questions you have. We are offering FREE information here! We are willing to go to your house FOR FREE and run a market analysis FOR FREE!

This information is based off of current, accurate information, which allows for you as the seller to make the best decision.  You have to know what the true value of your house is.  You have to know the costs involved in selling your house.  You have to prepare yourself for what could happen that way you are not caught off guard.  Selling a house is not as simple as it sounds but if you educate yourself on the process then you are ahead of the game.

Our company has several years of experience both buying AND selling houses so we are aware of all sorts of issues that could arise throughout the selling process.  That is why we’ve created a one-stop shop service that takes the process of selling your house from unknown and complicated to informed and simplified.

Contact us for a free, no-risk quote within 24 hours.

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4 Easy Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home even Faster In WNY!

So you’ve decided, “I want to sell my home … what should I do next?” We are here to answer that question! There is a laundry list of things you should do before putting your home on the market and start showing it. Read below to see a list of repairs needed to prepare for selling your home!

Furniture & Junk Removal

One of the first things you should do is remove any old furniture or junk that may be taking up unnecessary space in your home. Just because you love that old stinky chair you’ve had for years, doesn’t mean others will! Getting rid of clutter will open up your space and benefit any walk-throughs. This will also benefit you because it’ll reduce the amount of objects you will have to move.

Deep Clean

Get ready to get on your knees and scrub! One of the main reasons why deep cleaning your home is important (besides the visible cleanliness) is the odors you’ll most likely get rid of. Now, you may be thinking, but what if my house doesn’t smell. Trust us, it does. Many homes tend to have odors, not necessarily bad ones, but since you live there, you could never notice them. Have a friend over who hasn’t been over in a while and they will tell you! 

Touch Ups

Let’s say that your home is in pretty good shape and no major replacements have to be made, then all you need to do is some touch ups and light painting! If you happen to have dirty walls or walls that are a very bold color, we suggest painting them a white or cream color. It’ll make your rooms seem bigger and be appealing to potential buyers. Also, if you have any scratches or stains on any other surface, make sure to get rid of it! Basically, get rid of any eyesore that you know buyers will be turned off by! 

The Big 3

HVAC, Foundation and Roof! We are calling these “The Big 3” because they are the things that could make a break the “sell-ability” of your home. Make sure to get an inspector in to take a proper inspection of your home! If your house is all good with The Big 3, then you are already more than halfway there! If any of them need to be repaired, get on it quickly! 

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5 Common Challenges When Selling Your Home The Traditional Way

Most people think they know what selling a home is all about, but in this article, we’ll discuss 5 home selling myths. It all seems so simple: just list it on an MLS service, put an ad in the newspaper, and watch the buyers come rolling in.

In truth, selling can be complicated and stressful. It’s easy to lose money, make incorrect assumptions about how much you’ll get for your home, or create a host of problems for yourself. Understanding the realities of home selling is the best way to avoid some true headaches.

5 Common Problems :

You’ll have no problem living in the home while you’re trying to sell it.

You have every right to live in your home while you’re selling it. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. You’ll have to keep the place squeaky-clean and clutter-free at all times. You’ll need to vacate the home every time your agent arrives to show it, as buyers seldom want to meet with sellers. And every personal item has to go. Buyers need to picture themselves living in the home. They can’t do that if they’re constantly tripping over your stuff.

Even if you do everything right, living in the home can create problems. Buyers will always wonder whether you’ll vacate quickly enough for them to execute their own moving timelines.

You’ll earn back whatever you spend on repairs.

Most sellers only earn back 60% to 70% of what they spend on home repairs or renovations. Repairing your home just to sell it could mean losing a great deal of money. It’s unlikely the market will bear any attempt to tack repairs onto the asking price of your home. Remember, those prices are impacted by your neighborhood, the current market, and your home’s sale price history. Buyers simply do not care that you recently replaced the roof.

In fact, many buyers regard those repairs as a moral obligation on your part, even though you have every right to sell your home as-is.

Buyers don’t pay attention to the amount of time a house sits on the market.

Homes which sit on the market for a long period of time tend to make buyers suspicious. They start to feel there must be something wrong with the home if nobody wants it. Some buyers will also reason that the amount of time the home has been sitting on the market probably means you’re desperate to sell. This could inspire them to be a lot more hard-nosed in their negotiations, making it harder to seal the deal.

It’s best to leave it all up to the real estate agent.

Some real estate agents are fantastic at what they do, going out of their way to market each property to the fullest of their abilities.

Others simply list the property on the MLS system, plop a sign in your front yard, and hope for the best.

If you do business with a realtor, touch base with them on a regular basis to find out what they are doing to market your property. If you haven’t hired one yet, ask them what kind of advertising they anticipate conducting on your behalf.

You might want to get involved in the marketing yourself by placing your property on Craigslist or other sites where it might be found.

Selling your home to traditional buyers is the best way to get the best price.

In a seller’s market, the home often does go for the asking price. However, in a buyer’s market the home could sell for far less than anticipated or the sale could take longer. When this happens, your profits could be reduced significantly, because you have to continue paying upkeep on the home and because of all the time and effort you put into staging the home, marketing it, and negotiating the sale.

In some cases, turning to a reputable investor and selling the home as-is may be your best bet. You get a cash offer and don’t have to do anything else to the home, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing the roof or fixing your foundation. And you get the time and flexibility you need to pack up and move at your pace.

It’s not always the right move…but sometimes avoiding the traditional route helps you come out ahead.

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6 Tips On How to Sell An Empty House In WNY Fast!

If you own an unoccupied property, you’re probably wondering how to sell an empty house.

There are many dangers that come along with owning a vacant house, but luckily for you, we have created…

The Quick 6 Step Guide to make the most of your vacant house!

Selling a vacant house fast is critical. Liabilities of a vacant house can include:

  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Trespassing or Squatting
  • Weather Destruction
  • Neglecting Regular Maintenance
  • Water or Fire Damage

Will My Empty House Sell?

Selling an empty house is possible! Below, we’ll cover our top 6 tips for selling your empty house including 1) getting an appraisal, 2) staging the empty house, 3) maintaining utilities, 4) necessary repairs, 5) securing the house and 6) how to sell an empty house fast.

1. Appraise & Estimate Repairs

Having an appraisal gives you credibility as a seller, and reduces the time taken to negotiate. Buyers who can see an appraisal will feel more comfortable with your selling price and, in-turn, with their offer price. Whether or not you plan to repair the house before you sell, make sure to get repair estimates from more than one source.

Your “handy dandy cousin” may “know” what he is talking about, but believe us, ask for many different professional opinions it’ll save you time, money, and give you a step up when negotiating the sales price.

2. Do Houses Sell Better Furnished Or Unfurnished?

People are emotional creatures, make your house light, bright, charming, and if necessary, bake some cookies. Everyone loves cookie things, particularly a cute house full of baked cookie smell.

Have enough furniture and décor to make the house looked lived in, this works wonders. Staging your house helps buyers see how each space can be used.

How much does it cost to stage an empty house?

Staging an empty house is a great way to show buyers the potential the house has. So, how much does it cost to stage an empty house? We found that sellers spend an average of $1,800 to stage a house, but staging a house can cost as much as $5,000.

3. Leave The Utilities On

Papa always said turn out the lights before you leave, but in this case leave the utilities on:

  • Keeping the utilities on will help prevent weather damage
  • If the utilities are off the buyers get the impression that the house needs more repairs than it actually does, for example, “Well, honey the lights or water don’t work, that’ll cost us.”
  • Keeping utilities on will also make it more comfortable for anyone seeing the house. It gets hot out here in the summer.

4. Must Do’s If You’re Making Repairs

If you are the DIY-er type and want to fix up the house before sale, heed this warning. First of all, you will have to spend time and money in the house, and if the repairs aren’t extremely effective you will more than likely be throwing your time and money out the window.

Also, if you do not complete all the repairs, make sure you disclose all the repairs needed. You could be found liable for problems you did not disclose, even in an as-is sale. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but make sure you measure twice and cut once.

5. Secure the House

Lock it up! To protect your house from intruders, make sure the house doesn’t look vacant. Here’s some tips:

  • Get automatic lights, it gets dark, they go on!
  • Get your neighbor to collect any miscellaneous items that end up on your doorstep, little kids are very good at this, and $5 goes a long way when you’re 12 years old.
  • Have your trustworthy local neighbor keep an eye on the house. Believe me this will give him something to do and he’ll like the authority you have bestowed upon him.
  • Or you could make it look like your house is full of people. Anyone remember the party scene from Home Alone?

6. How To Sell An Empty House Fast

Selling an empty house fast is crucial if you want to avoid the dangers that come with a vacant house. Sellers have several options for selling quickly, but one popular option is selling to a reputable real estate investor like House2Home Investing!

This is how we make our living: we buy houses in any condition. We have everything you need to make selling your house as simple as possible. We are here to help you in your selling, our caring process is what separates us from our competition.

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Divorce and Selling Your Home - What's Community Property?

Today we are talking about another aspect of our tips for selling a home during divorce. If you are getting a divorce in the state of New York, whether or not you plan to sell the house, the first thing you need to do is decide how to divide your property and assets.

What Is Community Property?

In New York, we have something called community property. New York considers anything acquired during marriage as community property. Married couples share community property belongings equally.

Again, community property is defined as anything acquired during marriage, and includes things such as a 401k, stocks, bonds, rental property, or furniture.

When you are getting a divorce, the best thing you can do is work with your spouse to determine who will get what. Even though both people have an equal claim of many items, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything will be divided equally.

Many times, the court will look at who is at fault for the divorce and who is the primary “breadwinner”. They also consider which parent becomes the primary caretaker of any children. All these factors help determine how a court divides community property in a divorce.

What Is Separate Property?

Separate property includes anything acquired before marriage, but sometimes also includes inherited property, gifted items, gifted property, personal injury claims, and anything you buy and deed as sole and separate property while married.

Below, we explore each of these separate property items.

1. Inherited Property

If one spouse inherits a property solely in their name, it is considered separate property by the state of New York.

2. Gifted Item Or Property

If one spouse is gifted an item from the other, such as wedding rings or watches for example, it is separate property.

3. Personal Injury Claims

Was one spouse injured during the marriage and receive a claim?

In this case, the property and future awards belongs solely to the injured party that received the claim.

4. Anything You Buy And Deed As Sole And Separate Property

When married, it’s still possible to buy something and seem it sole and separate property.

However, both parties must agree that the item was purchased separately and solely for one spouse.

For more information regarding how to sell your house quickly in a divorce, check out our other posts on the topic, or call us for a no-obligation quote on your WNY house.

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How Long Will It Take to Sell My House In WNY? And How Do I Sell it Faster?

Most people who want to sell a House do so quickly. However, there is no way to predict how much time it’ll take to sell your home. Every case is different. This isn’t good news for homeowners who are trying to plan a relocation.

Still, there are different factors you can evaluate which will help you make an educated guess about the future of your home. From there, you can take steps to sell your home faster if you need to.

Current Averages

In general, you should start with current home sale averages. These can change rapidly in response to the economy, the local home inventory, and other unpredictable issues. It will take longer if you’re selling your home in winter, but you may luck out if you’re selling during the ultra-short “golden period” (May 1 to May 15).

Factors Influencing the Average

There are a lot of factors that will influence whether you sell faster or slower than average.

The first is the home price. If you overprice the home, you could be waiting a long time to get it sold. The truth is you may not sell your home for as much as you bought it for.

The second factor is the condition of your home.

Homes that are in top-notch condition usually sell faster than homes which need a lot of work. Most buyers will want you to fix the problems before they agree to purchase the home, which means you could be paying a lot of money out of pocket before you see a single dime from the sale.

The fourth factor is the home’s location, which you can’t help. If you’re in a desirable neighborhood, then you can expect to sell faster.

If the neighborhood has deteriorated (or just been upstaged by cooler, hipper neighborhoods) since you first moved in then you may have a problem on your hands. Neighborhood trends change from year-to-year, so there’s no way to know where you’ll stand until you are truly ready to sell.

The fifth factor is completely out of your control.

Sometimes selling your home quickly boils down to luck!

How to Sell Faster

You have two options.

One option is to make the home as attractive as possible by fixing everything that’s wrong with it before you contact a realtor. You’ll then want to take the time to get it staged like a showroom.

Finally, you’ll want to make the price as attractive as possible, which may mean pricing it a bit lower than the other homes in the neighborhood…a move which may sting quite a bit after you’ve poured all that money into making it sparkle and shine.

The other option is to contact a reputable real estate investor who will give you an “as-is” option in cash.

This is the best option for people who are truly in a hurry to sell, since we can often get the deal done in as little as 7 days. You won’t even have to clean your home if you don’t want to.

You’ll get a cash offer in 24 hours and have plenty of time to move out of your home.

If you’ve taken a look at the market and you’ve already determined that the average time to sell is much longer than your own timeline, then it’s one of the easiest ways to solve your problem. And when you work with very good real estate investors you can be sure that your offer will be a fair one.

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How You Can Sell Your WNY Home Fast To An Investor And Get a Fair Price!

Are you wondering how to sell your home to an investor? I recently read an article on “Why People Sell Their Homes to real estate Investors”. It answered (kind of) whether or not you should trust real estate investors.

The quote below provides some context for our commentary.

Drive down just about any major road in this country and you’ll probably see the signs: “We Buy Homes Fast!!”

They’re often loud and obnoxious…

Real estate investors put up these signs….

If you’re looking to get top dollar for your home, then don’t waste your time calling these guys….

What Does a Real Estate Investor Do

So, what does a real estate investor do? Mainly they help people needing to sell their homes quickly by providing alternative selling solutions. Whether someone inherited an unwanted home, or simply want to sell their house fast and move quickly, a real investor estate can help.

Some reasons people choose to sell their house to an investor include:

  • Inheritance
  • Relocating
  • Paying off debts or liens
  • Tired landlord
  • Aging relative
  • Divorce
  • Selling as is
  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Flooding

How To Sell Your Home To An Investor

In order to sell your house to an investor, the first step is to do your research. Make sure you speak with a reputable investor who answers all of your questions. When you contact an investor like House2Home Investing, there are three steps to selling.

  1. Contact us and tell us your story.
  2. We’ll visit for a free assessment and provide a no-obligation fast cash offer.
  3. Get a quick closing and your cash when your house closes.

It’s that easy!

Tips For Selling Your House To An Investor

If you’re considering selling to an investor, consider your personal situation and your goals. If you can afford the time and money to fix up your house, work with a real estate agent, and put it on the market, it’s possible you may sell the house for a higher price. However, people who work with real estate investors usually have additional motivation to sell quickly.

Secondly, if you choose to sell to an investor, find a reputable investor and make sure there are no hidden fees. Many of the new buyers out there offer a higher sale price, but also charge hidden fees. With House2Home Investing,  what you see is what you get. Make sure you understand the home buyer’s process.

Sell My Home Now

If you’re wondering, “how do I sell my house now?” then working with House2Home Investing may be a great solution to sell your house quickly for cash.

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How You Can Sell Your House As-Is In WNY And What You Really Need To Know

When considering the options available for selling a house quickly, many sellers wonder how to sell a house as is. Everyone knows you should conduct a great deal of planning and research before you buy a house. Most people, however, don’t really do enough research or thinking when it’s time to sell.

Below is everything you need to know about how to sell a house as is.

What does it mean to sell a house as is?

To sell a house as is refers to selling a property without making any updates, repairs or improvements. Simply put, the house will be sold to a buyer in its current condition.

What is an as is condition clause?

An as is condition clause is what sellers include in the sales contract to let potential buyers know that the house is being sold as is, without repairs and improvements. Sellers still must include known damages and defects, but refuse to make any repairs and let the buyers know through this clause.

Can you sell a house as is in WNY?

Sellers can indeed sell a house as is in WNY. Buyers buying the house as-is expect to purchase it in the condition in which they saw it on the date of the contract.

Considerations When Selling a House As Is:

Decide what offers to accept.

Knowing your “floor” will be important when it’s time to make decisions.

If you’re upside down on your mortgage, then you might not be able to afford below a certain amount unless it’s your last chance to stop foreclosure. If you’ve built a lot of equity then you can afford to be more flexible. Either way, knowing your “rock bottom” number is incredibly helpful.

Evaluate market conditions.

This will help you discover several things. First, you’ll find out how long it’s probably going to take to sell your home. Second, you’ll get a sense of your best case scenario.

Business Insider offers a valuable, step-by-step process for evaluating the current state of the real estate market, both in your city and in your neighborhood.

Assess necessary repairs.

Even when selling a house as is, the law requires sellers to disclose any defects of the house.

Try to get quotes for each repair. At the very least, you’ll be in a stronger position to negotiate when buyers want to lower the price of the home.

How to sell a house as is for cash.

You have two options when selling a house as is. One is to sell the home through a traditional real estate agent, which can take 2 to 4 months in normal market conditions.

The second option is to sell to a real estate investor who will take the house as is. The process takes 1 to 7 days, depending upon your needs.

Sell My House Now

Many sellers ask us, “how can I sell my house now?” If you’re looking for a quick sale of an as is house, the best thing to do is connect with a local real estate investor and they will ask a few questions about the house, and answer all of your questions regarding an as is sale.

House2Home Investing offers no obligation quotes on as is houses in as little as just a few hours.

Call us! We’re happy to answer your questions and help you run the numbers.

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If I Agree To A Cash Offer From An Investor In WNY, When And How Quickly Can I Get Paid?

If I decide to sell my house to an investor, money, of course, is the necessary component of the transaction. There are a lot of dollars at stake, so the process of transferring funds from one party to another must be completed thoroughly and accurately.

Settlement Statement – HUD-1

In order to accomplish this, the title company will create a settlement statement (aka HUD-1) with a list of ALL charges and credits pertaining to the transaction.  The title company serves as a neutral party who obtains the funds from the buyer – secures the funds – then releases the owed amounts to the seller and any other lien holder (such as a mortgage company) at closing time.

Two Options to Receive Funds

As a seller, you have two options in which to receive your funds:

  1. Provide your bank information to the title company and they will wire the funds directly from their account into yours.  This is often the quickest way to receive your funds.
  2. Request a certified fund check made payable to you from the title company.  Depending on which bank is used, there can be a hold time on the check, which could delay when you are able to use those funds.

Another thing to be aware of is the time of day the closing occurs.

If the closing time is late in the afternoon, funding could be delayed until the following day as all documents must be signed and completed before the funds are released. We always strive to accommodate everyone’s schedule so that this can be avoided, but from time to time it will happen.  Unfortunately, no funds are dispersed until closing time.  This is a protective measure as our company must obtain and prove clear title before closing.  The general time frame from the time the contract is signed until closing is about 30 days.

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Negotiating a Buyout When Going Through Divorce

In a recent article regarding whether or not to sell your house in a divorce, we briefly discussed negotiating a buyout in a divorce. In order to negotiate a buyout, couples must decide on the valuable consideration of each person’s portion of the house. If couples are not communicating well, which is often the case, this can be especially challenging.

While selling a house as-is to a company like House2Home Investing Home Buyers is an attractive and popular option to simplify the selling of the house, sometimes one partner feels strongly about keeping the house, in which case a buyout is negotiated.

What is a buyout?

A buyout occurs when one person purchase’s the others interest in the property. This occurs in a lump sum, OR in payments made over time. Additionally, these payments do not have to be determined in cash, meaning that a portion of the buyout could be increased or decreased for either person to offset other costs owed. For example, one spouse may forfeit interest in the other’s retirement plan or other assets in exchange for the house.

There are several risks involved in a buyout. There is risk for the person purchasing the house from the other if the house depreciates in value after a price is determined. However, the person selling may risk losing money if the house appreciates in the future. Lastly, because there are tax benefits associated with paying spousal support, then the spouse responsible for the support may lose out on certain tax benefits.

Determining  Value

First, the divorcing couple needs to determine the value of the house. Real estate agents are usually not involved in the buyout process, so unless you have had the house recently appraised, you may have to do some research.

If you have a friend that is an agent, they can provide you with recent home sales in the area, giving you clues as to your home’s value. Additionally, and perhaps more reliably, you can hire someone to appraise the house. While an appraisal can cost between $300-500, it will remove any debate as to the current value of the house, and hopefully make negotiations easier. If after an appraisal, the couple still cannot negotiate valuable consideration, a judge can decide (but he will most likely want to rely on an appraisal.)

Below are some considerations regarding how to determine the buyout price:

  • Maintenance: If the house needs maintenance or updates, this can affect the worth of the house, and what one spouse receives.
  • Spousal support: If one spouse potentially owes the other money after the divorce, their part of the house value might be used for the amount owed.
  • Refinancing: Consider the cost to refinance the house. If one spouse is keeping the house and buying out the other person, they will need a loan in the amount of the remaining total owed.

Get a Free Quote on Your House

If you are getting a divorce and would like a free quote on the as-is condition of your house, us and talk to someone with no obligation; or, fill out our quick form and receive an offer in 24 hours.

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Selling Your Home Fast In WNY Can Be Much Easier Than You Ever Imagined!

Truth is, selling your house when it is in a poor condition isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re in a difficult financial situation and can’t even think about how to sell your home that is unsightly because you think you need to fix it up first… Don’t despair.

Maybe your house is decades old and you haven’t been able to afford much-needed structural and cosmetic repairs. You know the roof is in dire need of replacement or the foundation is cracking.

Old, worn and dirty carpet? The kitchen screams 1970s avocado green and harvest gold?

Maybe it was a great neighborhood 20 years ago, but now the area is full of dilapidated houses, including yours. Or perhaps you owned a rental property with tenants that caused costly damage.

If you turn to a real estate agent, you’re likely to be met with ardent requests to make major repairs and sink in money you don’t have to make your house presentable to would-be buyers. If you do convince a real estate agent to list your house “as-is”, it’s likely to sit unsold as buyers don’t even give it a second thought when they drive up or see the picture on the Internet.

But there’s no need to feel stuck. House2Home Investing will make “selling your house” easy, quick, and painless.

What Makes House2Home Investing a Better Choice

House2Home Investing begins by looking at your house, gathering area data and then, in most cases, will offer a free estimate.

If you decide to proceed, there’s a good chance we’ll buy your house just as it is. You won’t have to delay your stressful situation or make any costly repairs that might be needed and you won’t have to worry about making more mortgage payments on your house. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy closing time.

The Home Buying Process

We’ll start by determining the value of your home. We’ll come up with the price based on what it would be worth AFTER repairs are completed.

Some of the most common repairs that are factored in for houses that are in a rough shape are carpet replacement, walls and trim painted, fixtures updated, gutters cleaned and painted, exterior painted, landscaping, HVAC repairs, foundation repairs, and kitchen and bathroom updates.

We then deduct the cost of repairs, holding/selling costs, and profit.  Once we gather the required information, we’ll meet with you and view your home. From there, we’ll discuss your options. If we’re able to help you, we’ll discuss price, the contract, and closing date. Then you can walk away minus a house and with a check in your pocket.

House2Home Investing will not only show you how to sell your less-than-beautiful home but, it will be much cheaper than using a real estate agent. Choosing a real estate agent is always expensive. Costs associated with a real estate agent generally include commissions and sales discounts. They also include title, closing, and survey costs. Lastly, they include holding costs (taxes, insurance, yard maintenance, mortgage payment, utilities). Holding costs span over the average six to nine months that the house is on the market.

If you want to save money, contact House2Home Investing when you want to sell your home.

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Splitting up a House in a Divorce

There are primarily three options for your house. The options are:

    1. Sell a House, Split The Profit.
    2. Buy the Other Out.
    3. Hold on to the House.

So, how do know which of these options is right for you?

Deciding if You Should Sell Your House in a Divorce

This depends entirely on those getting divorced. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether to sell your house to a home buyer, or utilizing another option:

1. Income Requirements: What are the income requirements to keep rather than sell a house? For example, is there a remaining mortgage? What are the taxes and/or insurance? Is the home older, requiring more frequent maintenance or upcoming necessary upgrades?

The cost to keep the house helps determine which person can afford to keep the house, and selling the house becomes an easier decision if neither person can afford to maintain it independently.

2. Children’s Needs: Couples with children should prioritize their children’s needs whenever possible. Couples may decide to continue to jointly own a house to avoid further disrupting their children’s lives. Consider school districts, location and future plans. If your children haven’t started school yet, perhaps a move closer to a better school district would be beneficial.

Additionally, consider whether it would be better for the children emotionally to begin life in a new situation, or to try to limit changes. Many people decide to use the home as an anchor or stability for their children, but each situation is different.

How to Sort Out the Mortgage

Many divorcing couples that have a mortgage together (joint mortgage) choose to sort out the mortgage so that only one partner has their name on it. The benefits to this are that the person who stays in the house does not have to rely on their former partner for the mortgage.

Secondly, the person removing their name from the mortgage will be able to borrow more for a new home without their name on the mortgage of the house the couple had together. Lastly, removing one person’s name from the mortgage may help break the link that ties your credit together, since it removes joint debt. When people have joint-debt, it allows one person’s debt to affect the other person’s credit.

As mentioned above, income requirements will help determine ultimately what makes the most sense regarding the future of the house. If you are considering owning the home independently of your former spouse, start by talking to a mortgage lender, who can tell you exactly what you can afford. If you cannot afford the house on your own, you may be able to get a “guarantor mortgage”, where a relative agrees to make the mortgage payments if you can’t.

How House2Home Investing Can Help

If you and your spouse have tried to break up the mortgage and are unable to come to an agreement, House2Home Investing can help. We often buy houses from people looking to move forward as soon as possible with fewer communication and negotiations than a traditional sale. For a free, no obligation quote on your house, call us!

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To Sell Your House Fast in WNY, Here's 3 Tips for Different Situations

As home buyers, we have a lot of experience regarding what it takes if someone wants to “Sell My House Now!!!”

People who want to sell their house quickly need to do that for various reasons. We purchased a house from someone last year who needed to sell as soon as possible so she could include the sale in the previous year’s taxes. She also wanted the money quickly so she could put down a significant amount toward her son’s college tuition.

Below, we have compiled a list of reasons why you might need to sell your house fast, as well as suggestions on how you can get started TODAY!

I need to sell my house now because:

1. I am falling behind on my payments.

Falling behind on mortgage and/or tax payments is not uncommon, but it doesn’t take long to build up to a BIG problem! One common scenario might be someone who has made regular mortgage payments for years, and then suddenly loses their job. If they suffer from any other financial hardships or big expenses, you might no longer be able to make mortgage payments on time. Usually, the lender will contact you very soon after your payments start becoming late.

The first thing to do at this point is to either respond to the correspondence from your lender, or to contact the lender yourself. Your priority should be to try to catch up with the payments or arrange a payment plan to get caught up. However, if you know you will not be able to catch up, or if you know you need a long-term break from the financial pressure, then selling quickly at a discount might be your best option.

2. I need to close and have the cash by a certain date.

Another reason you may want to sell your house immediately is because you need to close by a certain date. One example is the scenario mentioned above: Laura needed to close by a certain date for tax reasons. We have also had sellers who needed to purchase a large item or pay for a huge expense as soon as possible. For example, once we had a seller who needed to purchase a handicapped accessible van for their mother, for whom they were providing care. Because the mother could no longer get around by herself, the need for care and transportation was pressing; so, they decided they would rather sell fast for cash then put the house on the market for full price and wait.

In this case, the first thing you should do is create a timeline and budget for your expense. This will help you determine whether or not selling to an investor is really the best option for you. Once you know your timeline and budget needs, call a real estate investor such as House2Home Investing ___________ and let them know your situation.

3. I am moving and do not want to leave the house vacant.

Another common reason people want to sell sooner rather than later is that they are moving soon or already moved. Many people know the dangers of a vacant house, such as vandalism and faster deterioration. While some families choose to update the house, pay for closing costs and list the house, some of our past clients didn’t want to think about it or put any work into an old house when they were already prepared to move on.

In this type of situation, the first thing you can do is get an inspection on the house or contact a home investor for a free quote on the value of the house. While getting an inspection before selling is an option in all 3 scenarios, people choosing to purchase a new house and move to a new house are more likely to have the resources for the inspection. Having an inspection done is a great way to prove the value and current condition of the home without having to show it yourself to the home investing company.

If you know you need to sell your house now, contact us for a no obligation offer on your house. We will assess the property for free and let you know what your options are!

Contact us for a free, no-risk quote within 24 hours.

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Why Isn't my WNY House Selling And What Can I Do?

If you are having a hard time selling your home in WNY, there could be a simple reason why.

Most of the time, homes do not sell quickly due to poor pricing.

Pricing Your Home Effectively for a Quick Sale

Some people price their homes based on what they need, as opposed to the actual value of the house.

I also know people who price their homes above their original purchase price because “they know the house must be worth more!” Unfortunately, the work done to the house is at least partially irrelevant if the market price drops. Adding a pool to the house might have increased the value slightly…but it might not be enough to cover the cost of installing pool and the drop in the market value.

Another pricing issue is pricing too high with the intention of lowering the price later if “no one bites”. Even if it’s been shown that your house will likely sell for around $250,000, you insist on listing it for $275,000 because “you never know, someone could come along who just has to have it.” The problem is it won’t take long for buyers to realize your price is unrealistic and think you are, too; and if it sits too long…people might think there is something wrong with it.

The best solution is to research the value and price it correctly from the start, regardless of your feelings and personal investment in the home. (Sigh.)

Showing Your House for a Quick Sale

We’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately regarding making sure your house looks nice when trying to sell your house fast.

Make sure to clean up both the inside and the outside of the home! First impressions are extremely important. Additionally…make sure the house is easy to see! Either have a lock box for people to use, or require people to make appointments to see the house. People won't buy what they can’t see.

Conclusion – It Might Not Be Your Fault

Sometimes, people can’t sell their house and its not their fault. It could be the market, the area you live in or the condition of your home.

Never fear! House2Home Investing can help. We buy and sell properties in any condition, and our specialists can price your house right for a quick sale (I promise!) If you have tried selling your home, but need to sell it sooner rather than later, you will be satisfied with our service. Call us for a no-obligation cash offer on your home. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours!

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Your Complete Guide On How to Sell Your House Fast In WNY in 9 Easy Steps!

Do you need to know how to sell your house fast while moving? There is a lot involved in buying a house and selling a house at the same time, but there are steps you can take to be completely prepared! Below, we created a guideline of detailed steps and considerations to help you through this common process.

1. Investigate the housing market.

The very first thing you should do when deciding to sell your house fast while you’re in the middle of moving is to investigate the current market. This gives you an advantage when dealing with both agents and buyers, and will help you right-size your own expectations. When investigating, consider the following:

  • Price – What are similar houses in your area going for? When researching similar houses, consider the age and condition of the home, the specific area, and amenities such as schools, restaurants and other services. You can estimate your own home’s value by using the price per square foot of the houses that are similar to yours that have sold recently.
  • Time on market – It is very important for you to know the average time on market for the houses in your neighborhood. Time on market refers to how long a house is listed for sale before it sells. Knowing the time on market will help you better prepare for the timing when moving and selling at the same time.
  • What type of market – Is the market in your area a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? The type of market will influence your sale strategy. A seller’s market would give you the greatest advantage when selling your home. A seller’s market can be caused by low inventory and high demand, but there are other factors that could contribute to it as well. In a seller’s market, time on market will be low and housing prices will be higher. However, since you are both moving and selling, a buyer’s market has advantages as well. In a buyer’s market, sellers are more anxious to sell and you will have more wiggle room to negotiate a better price.

2. Get and appraisal and consider getting an inspection.

The next few suggestions’ order can be swapped, but the next thing you should do is to get as much information about your own property as possible. An agent can help you determine the price of your house, but having hard facts ahead of time will give you an advantage with buyers, and will speed up the sale of your house since your agent will have less leg work to do. Getting your house appraised gives you a great general idea of the price you can offer. Buyers who are pre-approved for a loan will know exactly what price they can afford, so this information will be very helpful to them. Additionally, having an inspection done will shorten the negotiating process, as buyers will already know exactly what is wrong with the house (and so will you).

3. Understand WHY you are selling your home.

Understanding WHY exactly you want to sell your house will help you to know what you are willing to compromise on when the selling and buying process begins. While it is important to communicate this to your agent so they understand your specific needs, you do not want to share this information with sellers when you look at houses to buy. If they know what you can compromise, you may not get the best deal.

4. Find the right agent.

Make sure you get an agent that understands what you want and is willing to listen. Make sure they know that timing is crucial, and that they are knowledgeable about your neighborhood, and the neighborhood in which you want to buy.

5. Decide what to fix and what to leave alone.

After your inspection, you should already have a good idea of what you want to fix and what you are going to leave alone. Your agent can also help you decide what repairs, if any, will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Ask your agent what repairs will increase the value of the house the most, and what repairs if left alone won’t affect the selling price much.

6. Prepare the house for sale.

Preparing the house for sale includes repairs, but also includes things like landscaping and staging the inside of the house. We talk about this all the time, but it bears repeating. Consider repainting and new carpet using neutral and universally liked colors. Anything too specific or creative might limit your buyer’s ability to picture themselves in the home – give them a blank canvas! Some sellers choose to have a house professionally staged, but if that isn’t an option, just make sure to keep your house extra-clean and clutter free. Make sure your furniture is arranged in a way that makes best use of each space, especially for rooms that are unusual.

7. Be a smart seller.

We could write a whole post on this! Here are some suggestions:

  • Market your house to get as many prospects as possible – Use popular house marketing websites, but also consider local ads (such as Greensheet), social media and referral marketing (ask your friends to tell their friends!) Even if someone expresses interest, don’t limit your options. Keep marketing until the house is SOLD.
  • Make sure contracts are complete: Read offers and contracts completely, and ask your agent to explain anything you don’t understand.
  • Disclose everything – No one likes surprises when they are buying a house! Unless you plan to dish out some surprise bonuses – buyers would probably like that.
  • Make SURE buyers are qualified – If your buyer is not pre-qualified by a lender, then don’t even consider their offer.

8. Try not to sign on your next house before finding a buyer for yours.

This last part is the trickiest: the timing of selling your old house and buying a new one. Ideally, you want both closings to happen on the same day or within a couple days of each other, but obviously things don’t always work out this way. That is why we suggested above that you try not to sign on your new house until someone has signed on your old one. Financially, it would be better to rent a hotel for a few nights or weeks than to pay two mortgages, etc., at the same time. One option for owning both houses at the same time, if there is no way around it, is to utilize bridge financing.

9. Are you overwhelmed yet?

If all this sounds like a LOT to worry about…it kind of is! But people like you do it every day, and the process won’t be new to your agent.

Another way to create a smooth transition from one house to the next is to work with real estate investors like House2Home Investing. While you may not get the full price for your house, you also won’t have to worry about paying for agents, repairs or staging, and you will know exactly when the house will close (you get to choose!) You will also have guaranteed cash in hand at closing, so you don’t have to worry about a buyer’s financing falling through.

Contact us for a free, no-risk quote within 24 hours.

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4 Things about Foreclosure You Might Not Know

Facing foreclosure on your house? You probably already feel motivated to do something with looming negative consequences. However, there are additional consequences (and one potential benefit) many people do not know about!

Read below for 4 things that you probably didn’t know about foreclosure.

Foreclosure: 4 Little Known Facts

#1: The bank chucks all your stuff and does weird things with it.

If a bank forecloses on the home and the owner does not voluntarily move out (or they do, but do not remove anything from the house), here is what happens…

They drill through the door. Move all of your belongings into the yard. And give neighbors 24 hours to comb through and buy anything they want.

Your bills, mail, romance novels, memorabilia, and probably a few things you never thought anyone would see? It all goes onto the lawn. After the 24 hours, they put it all back into the house and companies will later bid competitively regarding who gets to clean it out.

#2: The bank makes more money if you keep your house, but sometimes they pay people to move out.

Banks make the most money when you pay your mortgage with interest. So, they are incentivized to work with you on your payments if refinancing is still an option. However, they may still pay you a small amount when they foreclose on your home.

Banks don’t want you to know this, but in some cases, they will pay you to move out. The program is called ‘Cash for Keys”.

Yes–they make the most money if you continue to make payments. That’s why they want to try to keep you in the home.

However, if they have to foreclose on it, they then try to make the most money they can in that situation. Many disgruntled homeowners trash the house when they find out they are being forced into foreclosure. Other times, the bank will simply pay you to ensure that you leave the appliances and make sure the house is clean by means of a written agreement.

In either case, it’s not much. Often, they will give about 1% of the home’s value.

#3: Foreclosures make people physically sick.

Foreclosures have several damaging effects on a person’s life; however, one that people usually do not consider is their health.

Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research compared data on emergency room visits and hospital discharges in four of the hardest hit states (Arizona, California, Florida and New Jersey) to foreclosure data from Realty Trac, a firm that monitors the market from 2005 to 2009.

They found links to anxiety, depression, stomach problems, hypertension and even higher suicide rates for those going through foreclosure.

#4: Foreclosures do not wipe out all of the debt owed.

Most people assume that a foreclosure wipes out the home debt in its entirety, but that is not the case…

Foreclosure actions wipe out some of the property owner’s debt, like the original mortgage (taken out at the time of the home purchase), HELOCs, and second mortgages. However, property owners are still obligated to pay HELOCs and second mortgage’s off in full if they are not paid out of the foreclosure proceeds.

In areas where there was a significant drop in real estate prices, some properties are worth less now than when they were originally purchased. If the homeowner does not have insurance protection in these cases, a court could obligate the owner to repay the difference through a deficiency of judgment.

If you are falling behind on your payments for whatever reason, consider working with House2Home Investing to sell your house quickly for cash. In some cases, we are even able to stop foreclosure.

Contact us for a free, no-risk quote within 24 hours.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Your Own Home

Do you know the pros and cons of selling your own home – FSBO (“for sale by owner”)? Whether buying or selling, deciding to go the for-sale-by-owner route can be a tempting one to consider. Working with a real estate agent can result in higher costs for both the buyer and the seller. You may also feel as though you are being rushed through the buying or selling process so that the agent can collect and move forward. While it is easy to take note of positives to working on a FSBO, it is also important to make yourself aware of the potential drawbacks. Below are some potential drawbacks of selling a house yourself.

Allows for Direct Communication

A major benefit of FSBO is the direct communication that occurs between both parties.  By communicating directly with the buyer, you can ensure that nothing is lost in translation, as the conversation does not have to go through any middle-men. This aspect of the process can often result in things moving smoother and quicker, compared to speaking through a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.

The downside to this is that most buyers will hire an agent to work for them on their behalf, meaning that you will be relying on your own expertise to work with a professional. Not only might you end up selling your house for less money, but you also have the potential to open yourself up to legal issues or other problems by not having the contract vetted by an experienced attorney.

Results in Lower Sales Prices

Homes that are sold directly by their owner usually sell for lower prices than those sold by a real estate agency.  While this is beneficial for the buyer, it is a negative aspect for the seller.  Although the seller does not have to pay agent fees when acting independently, they still make less off of the sale than they would have, had they listed through an agency. According to the National Association of Realtor’s 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the average FSBO sales price was $174,900, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $215,000.

One main reason this occurs is because some buying agents stray from working with homes being sold by the owner, which results in fewer bids on the property. Additionally, professional real estate agents are experienced negotiators AND marketers. They are trained to communicate and mediate. They also have access to more online and offline marketing tools, giving them access to more information about property values and comparables, as well as a wider audience of potential buyers.

It is Time Consuming

A drawback to FSBO is the amount of time that it takes to manage the process yourself.   As the buyer, you have to search for properties in which you are interested, contact the seller, and set up viewing times.  All of this can take up a large portion of your time, since they are tasks usually performed by an agent.  As the seller, you have to market and advertise your home, find outlets to list it, and make sure that it is getting seen by potential buyers.

Lacks Access to Resources

When selling or buying a home without an agent, you may lack the resources for making a deal that is beneficial for all.  However, there are tools and online resources that you can take advantage of, making this process less daunting.  Each of these services provides you with access to people knowledgeable in the real estate industry to offer you advice and tips to make sure that your experience is positive financially.

Choosing to enter the world of home-buying or home-selling as a free agent can be a positive experience if you make ample use of the resources available to you.  It is crucial to make yourself aware of both the benefits and flaws related to FSBO sales.   Arm yourself with knowledge and remain aware of the valuable resources that are available to you.  When doing so, you’ll be ready to successfully sell or buy a home with the assistance of an agent, saving you money in the long run.

Alternative Methods for a Quick Sale Without Agent Fees

We realize that not everyone wants to sell their house through common methods and listing through an agent. At House2Home Investing, we pride ourselves in offering a service for people who want to avoid the hassle and fees of a traditional sale!

If you considered selling a house yourself and didn’t move forward, or you tried and didn’t have any luck, then we would love to help. Call us now for a no-obligation quote in 24 hours, or just to ask questions about our process.

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Bankruptcy and Selling Your Home: What You Should Know

Bankruptcy is a legal maneuver that offers relief to people whose debt has gotten out of control. In regards to the most common forms of bankruptcy, Chapters 7 and 13, you are likely to be allowed to keep your home: the court will assign a bankruptcy trustee to ensure you follow a repayment plan and pay back your creditors. But what if you want to sell your home, are you protected then? Here’s some pitfalls and tips to consider.

Chapter 13 is the most common bankruptcy used by individuals, so we’ll focus on that. The big questions to consider are: can my bankruptcy be dismissed, and if not, what are the best practices for selling during my bankruptcy?

Dismissing Your Bankruptcy

It may not happen every day, but we do see cases where someone enters bankruptcy who never should have done so in the first place. Take this story from our agents.

This is how she tells it…


“Jennifer was a seller who contacted me, and she had this home that she had purchased with money she had inherited from her father’s death settlement. When we started the process to get her house sold, she explained that she had a bankruptcy that she had filed.

She gave me all the details regarding what her current balance was, and there was a confusion concerning all the statements she was getting because she didn’t really understand how much of her payments were going toward the actual balance of her debt, and how much was going to pay her attorney.

She was very confused about the whole situation, she just didn’t have the tools to work it out herself.

She said…

All I know is that every month, the majority of my paycheck is taken out, and I don’t really fully understand where I am with my bankruptcy.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

As time went on, we started doing some investigating.

We contacted the bankruptcy attorney, told them what we were and what we were doing. There were a lot of complications in the process of getting her house sold because of the concern that the judge would say that any of the proceeds would have to go to the debt that she owed.

But here’s what we discovered…

Her debt was so minimal that she never should have been advised to file bankruptcy in the first place. She only owed less than $20,000 total. So the fees that were going to her attorney were nearly 1/3 of the debt she owed in the first place!

She didn’t know what to do with selling the house or the bankruptcy situation.

She didn’t want to lose the proceeds from the sale because she wouldn’t be able to afford to cover the rest of the things she had planned. So we got involved, and helped talk her through her options, and discovered that the best route was for her to have her bankruptcy dismissed, since she shouldn’t have filed in the first place.

Confused Bankruptcy Attorney

Her bankruptcy attorney didn’t even really know what to do, he was a huge hassle to deal with. Our file processor Patti demonstrated a much deeper knowledge of bankruptcy than he did right off the bat. 

She contacted him several times, and he said…

There’s no way that can be done, and certainly not in this time frame.

And Patti said “I have done this several times.”

He said “I don’t believe you. Give me case numbers that you’ve worked.”

Providing Case Studies

She gave him a list of case numbers that she had been a part of and helped everything get taken care of. He was shocked, but eventually we convinced him that we were more prepared to resolve the woman’s bankruptcy than he was.

So then all we had to do was help our client get the paperwork together that she had to provide to the attorney, who then filed it with the court. We had to stay on top of the attorney the whole time, because he was stubborn. But in the end, we were able to get the bankruptcy dismissed, and Patti even helped negotiate down some of her liens by coming to a settlement agreement.

So we whittled down the debt that Jennifer owed, got her bankruptcy completely dismissed which protected her credit, sold her house, and she was even able to afford the next home that she was moving to. Pretty good deal.

Can Anyone Negotiate Debt?

You might be thinking to yourself…

Well, that only worked because your client never should have been bankrupt in the first place. What about someone with a lot of debt?

Well, negotiating down debt is an often overlooked but very effective strategy in these cases, so we want to stress that you should employ that strategy if it is available to you. But let’s say your bankruptcy can’t be dismissed. This is what you do if you need to sell your home.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t waste till the last minute to alert your bankruptcy attorney that you plan to sell. Give your attorney at least a month’s notice; he needs time to file your paperwork. There’s also no guarantee that your creditors will accept the terms of the sale, so don’t initiate the sale until your attorney gives you the go-ahead.

Motion to Sell

This is the major piece of “legalese” language you’ll have to remember. A motion to sell is what it sounds like it is; it is when you make a motion to the court that you intend to sell your property. According to the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Georgia, a motion to sell property of the estate should include the following information:

  1. A description of the property to be sold
  2. The proposed sales price
  3. The identity of the proposed purchaser and whether the proposed purchaser has any relationship to the debtor
  4. The identity of any creditor whose claim is secured by the property to be sold and the amounts of such lien
  5. The identity of the real estate broker and agent employed to market the property and the fee to be paid to the real estate agent
  6. An itemized estimate of the closing costs; and
  7. Itemized disclosure of the proposed disbursement of the proceeds of the sale. If Debtor proposes to retain all or any portion of the net proceeds, Debtor should describe the legal basis for such retention.

When your motion is approved, you are ready to sell.

Statement of Sale

So now you’ve sold your home. The hard part is over, now you just have to make sure you give your attorney a copy of your “Statement of Sale.”  This contains the property’s sale price, along with how much you have left over from the sale of the home.

Dealing with a bankruptcy isn’t easy, but one unique piece of advice we have is this: make sure you can trust the person whose job it is to help you. Our client’s troubles were by and large brought on by her attorney’s incompetence. It’s difficult to make decisions like that, because an attorney is the person you hire to make such judgements.  But try to be a good judge of character, because you can exacerbate your situation if your attorney is not competent and trustworthy, and you’ll end up further in the whole than before. Feel free to call us for advice, House2Home Investing has a team of file processors who have proven themselves more capable at resolving these problems than a lot of attorneys are.

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Divorce and Your Home: 4 Things You Should Know

Handling the marital house during divorce is one of the most difficult parts of dissolving a marriage. Is it any wonder so many people make major financial and legal mistakes when it’s time to make decisions?

There are, in fact, many decisions to make. Will one of you keep the home or will you sell it? As real estate problem solvers House2Home Investing can help you evaluate your options.

Ability To Afford Your House During Divorce

You may not be able to afford to keep the house during divorce.

There are two reasons for this.

First, if you have a mortgage you might not be able to keep it. Unless the house is in only one spouse’s name to begin with, the bank approved the loan after taking the income of both spouses into account. The spouse who remains in the house will usually have to refinance the loan into his or her own name. Often, the remaining spouse is unable to qualify on the basis of a single income. You may be able to get around this by getting your ex to sign a quitclaim deed (see below), but if your ex is smart he or she won’t want to agree to that.

Even if you can qualify for the loan, you’ve got to decide whether or not you can carry a large mortgage on your own.

And if you don’t have a mortgage? Houses come with higher utility bills, higher upkeep bills, and a near-constant stream of maintenance expenses. Ask yourself if you can really handle it when the AC needs a $1500 repair or the water heater blows out. The home represents the largest percentage of most people’s budget, and divorce may be an ideal opportunity to downsize.

Be Aware Of Your Rights

You might not want to sign over your rights.

If you’re abandoning the home, you might not want your ex to stay there, even if they’re getting primary custody of the kids. As mentioned above, if your ex can’t afford to refinance but wants to keep paying the mortgage you may be asked to sign a “quitclaim deed.” If you do, you could be opening yourself up to a potential financial disaster, as Money Magazine reports.

A quitclaim deed is a legal way to transfer interest of real property. Signing this deed means the person is forfeiting their claim and right to the property. Signing this deed in divorce gives the other party full rights to the home, but your name still remains on the mortgage. You will still be held accountable for any missed mortgage payments and your credit score will be affected.

Remember, the deed and mortgage are two different things, and the quitclaim deed cannot remove your name or responsibility from the mortgage.

Another important thing to know about quitclaim deeds is that if you sign one, you are forfeiting the right to sell and profit from your home sale. For example, say you sign a quitclaim deed because your ex wants to pay the mortgage, but cannot afford to refinance. Now that your name is off the deed of the home, your ex can sell or refinance the house any time and will not owe you anything.

Should You Sell The House?

It may be best to move past the emotions invested into the home and sell it.

Indeed, this is often the scenario that the judge will insist upon. Your mortgage gets paid off. If anything remains you and your spouse will generally split the proceeds. Everyone loses the home, but everyone walks off into a new life with a fresh, clean start.

Usually this is the smartest and cleanest way to handle your home.

Consider Any Court Deadlines

Sometimes, judges give you a deadline.

When a judge forces the sale of the marital home, they may only give you 30 days to sell.

Given current averages in terms of how long a home remains on the market this would not be a very generous amount of time either in WNY, where home sales can take at least 30 to 45 days on average. This means selling through an MLS listing and a real estate agent may not be your best bet, especially if your home has liens or needs repairs.

Selling Options For House During Divorce

Instead, selling as-is to a real estate investor may be your best bet. House2Home Investing, and other buyers like us, buy homes quickly. We issue offers in just 24 hours, and can buy the home even if it has issues. We help divorcing spouses resolve their property matters quickly. This way, they quickly comply with court orders and get on with their lives.

Are you getting a divorce?

Do you have questions about how House2Home Investing can help?

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Home Investor Myths and Facts

Do you believe these 5 myths about home investors? Let’s set the record straight about what it means to work with an experienced investor.

There is a lot of mystery and misinformation surrounding home investors, and some of it isn’t very flattering. This often makes people who should go to an investor think twice about doing so.

Often, people who believe the following myths will try to put themselves through the traditional home selling process when there are pressing reasons to avoid doing so. That’s what makes these myths so destructive.

Myth #1: Investors Only Buy Unappealing Houses

Home investors buy all kinds of houses.

We do buy houses in need of heavy renovation and repair when homeowners don’t have can’t afford said repairs. And yes, one of the ways we make money is indeed by “fixing and flipping” homes that are in bad shape.

But we buy absolutely gorgeous homes too! Some of the beautiful homes we buy come from people who inherited them but have no use for them–they already have homes of their own, and haven’t sunk any money into the home. They don’t want to pay property taxes or upkeep, and it makes sense to sell the home instead.

We’ve also bought homes from landlords who are sick of headaches that come from managing tenants, from divorcees who have been ordered by courts to sell their home as quickly as possible, and from people who are behind on their mortgage and who need to preserve their credit as much as possible in a short sale. We’ve bought gorgeous homes that have liens–and houses with liens that aren’t the fault of the seller.

Home investors are a good choice if you need to sell fast, if the house is in bad shape, or if you just don’t have the time and energy it takes to stage and show the home.

If you’ve got a gorgeous home and you’ve got all the time in the world then yes, even we’d probably tell you to sell the home the traditional way. But please understand that whatever the condition of the home, sellers we work with are usually very happy to take advantage of the solutions we can offer to them.

Myth #2: All Investors Lowball You

Reputable investors present fair cash offers for each home they buy.

However, the offer is indeed impacted by our position as investors.

We don’t want to buy the house for the same amount you’d sell it to a resident-owner, since we’re not going to live in the house. We’re going to sell it for profit.

And if we need to make repairs on the home, then we’ll factor that into the offer…just as a resident-owner would.

In general, most of our offers are somewhere between 70% to 80% of what a resident-owner would pay for the same home. Many of the people we work with find this fair considering they’ll be able to sell the home quickly, and walk away with a check…quickly. Again, many of our sellers aren’t really concerned with extracting the maximum value of the home because it would actually prove detrimental for them to do so.

Remember that in some cases the home is not likely to sell for the asking price on the traditional market–or at all. At least…not in as-is condition.

Reputable home investors stay on top of the market and factor market conditions into our offers. And in some cases, homeowners still make a profit on their homes, even though we aren’t paying “market value.”

Myth #3: Selling A House Takes A Long Time Unless Something Is Wrong

Banks take a really long time. When you see people closing in 30-60 days after making the offer it’s usually because they’re buying the home with a loan.

Cash changes everything. Even the rare resident-owner who can pay in cash could easily close on a home in 7-10 days. Anybody could close in 3 days if title companies didn’t need to do title searches to make sure you have the legal right to sell the home in the first place.

A fast sale means one thing: it’s a cash sale. That’s it. And there’s nothing shady about cash.

Myth #4: All Investors Are Scam Artists

You’ve heard horror stories, and we forgive you for being leery. There are certainly folks who put out “We buy homes for cash” signs and then find ways to scam you. Usually, they do this by asking for some sort of “processing” or “audit” fee. They’re out to collect these fees, and when they have them, they just disappear.

So. Anyone who asks you for cash is bad news. Real investors pay cash. Anyone who hasn’t been around for too long is also at least a little suspect.

But if you’re dealing with investors who have been around for a decade or more, and who have dozens of positive reviews, and who don’t ask you for money and who make legitimate, legal offers on homes…then you’re probably fine.

Myth #5: Investors Don’t Care About Sellers

Well…some don’t. As we tell people again and again, anyone can call themselves “investors.”

But…we do. We encourage people to call our offices and ask our advice whether they end up selling to us or not. We’re here to help homeowners with specific, legitimate problems. It’s our passion. The money is a nice side effect; it’s the thing that keeps in business so we can continue to offer our aid.

Again, if we think you should work with a traditional realtor, we’ll tell you so. We don’t want your home if this sale is not going to be a wonderful thing for you…we’re here to relieve burdens, not to create them.

Want to find out more?

Call us and see if you can benefit from selling to House2Home Investing. But remember, we’re not going to pressure you…because we do care.

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